One Focus

One Shirt One Body achieves it focus of impacting local youth through two core programs working within the scope of our mission. Each program is explained below:

University Program

The founding program of One Shirt One Body focuses its attention on college campuses and the youth in their communities. The University Program is run by the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee's (SAAC) on each campus, who organize and implement the operations. The program focuses on creating a platform for student-athletes to pay-it-forward and inspire the youth of tomorrow through their role model statuses. 

Here's how it works:

  1. SAAC hosts a collection of student-athlete issued apparel (shirts)

  2. SAAC donates the collected shirts to a local middle school

  3. SAAC interacts with the children by sharing their experiences within sport, answering the children's questions, playing pick-up games, signing autographs, and taking pictures

If your university is interested in participating, please contact us here!

Stadium Program

The third program targets sporting events where One Shirt One Body provides local youth the opportunity to experience the event, first hand, and meet the participating athletes. The elegance of witnessing live sport is more impressionable than watching it on TV.  Being present for a home run, slam dunk, or the simple competitiveness of the game can be a profound moment for any child. Because of this, One Shirt One Body is committed to providing opportunities where children can create or grow upon their passion for sport.

Beyond providing tickets and organizing meet & greets with the athletes, the specific operations vary from event to event.

If your event is interest in learning more about the Stadium Program, please contact us here!

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